Ulthera is the name of a device for carrying out non-surgical facial rejuvenation surgery. Instead of a scalpel, as in the case of plastic surgery, our specialists use the beneficial effects of ultrasonic waves emitted by Ulthera. The treatment is an innovative, efficient, and at the same time completely safe.

The treatment is dedicated for both women and men.Recommended for those who wish to firm the skin and improve its density, firmness and flexibility. Perfectly copes with falling eyelids, giving the look of freshness, increasing the eye and easier visibility. Well suited for modeling and contour oval face – lifting the cheeks, the elimination of wrinkles and nasolabial folds.

Duration of the treatment’s effects depends on the patient’s individual characteristics and properties of the patient’s skin. What is important, approximately 20% of the target effect may be enjoyed immediately after the treatment. The lifting effect and skin tension builds gradually over 90 days after the procedure – this is how long production of new collagen takes. The effect lasts for at least 18 months.

In most cases, the Ulthera procedure is only performed once! Duration of the treatment is from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the selected area. Technically, it involves placing the head of the device on the skin; it emits ultrasound waves, which penetrate deep into the tissues. By controlling impact depth, we can cause superficial or deep constriction, which ensures a full and lasting lifting of the skin and underlying tissues. Patients who wish to deepen this effect may repeat the procedure, but no sooner than after 3 months.

The HIFU MED LIFT treatment counteracts the forces of gravity. It improves the face oval, sharpens the contour, clearly lifts the skin. Treatments give the effect of a non-surgical facelift, cheeks and abdomen. The jaw line becomes more pronounced, the chin relaxes. The eyebrows float and the face regains its younger appearance.

Effects before-after

Detailed information

30-90 minutes
– loss of firmness
– flaccid skin
– drooping eyelids
– drooping cheeks
– loss of face contours
Convalestation period
Does not require