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Blepharoplastyis one of the most impressivemethods of surgicalfacialrejuvenation. The thin and delicate skin around the eyesbegins to age the fastest. Wrinkles, drooping skin orso-calledbagsunder the eyestakeaway the youthfullook to youreyes. The eyelidseyelidallowssurgicalcorrection of theirappearance, and hence the rejuvenation of theireyes. The treatmentmayconcern the upper and lowereyelids.

For the correction of the uppereyelids, the excess of loose, stretched and unsightlywrinkling skin isqualified, whichalsoveryoftenlimits the visibility. Removal of excess skin givesanaesthetic as well as practicaleffect. Whencorrecting the lowereyelids, the most commonindication for surgeryis the so-calledbagsunder the eyes. Usually, this problem isrelated to age, althoughitmayalsoaffectyoungpeoplewhoarecaused by anatomicalstructure.

The procedureisperformedunderlocalanesthesia. In the case of the uppereyelid, a cut in the eyelidismade, removing the unnecessary piece of skin and excessfattissue. The scarislocated in the eyelidfold, itisaninvisible place with an open eye. After a fewweeks the scarfades and ispracticallyinvisible. In the case of the lowereyelid, a cutunder the eyelashesiscarried out. A fragment of the skin iscut, the orbital flareismodeledorremoved, and the ocularmuscle of the eyeiscorrected. Excess skin and circularmuscleisgentlyremoved, thenstitched the wound.

In bothcases the patientcan return home a fewhoursafter the procedure with a small dressing on the wound, whichdoes not disturb the field of view. For the nextdays, apply the coolingcompresses to the eyelids, while in the case of the lowereyeliditshould be gentlymassaged. Suturesareremoved 4-5 daysaftersurgery. Healingispainless and patients do not takeanyspecialmedications. The period of convalescenceat the uppereyelidlasts 7-10 days, with the lowereyelidaround 14 days.

Detailed information

About 60 minutes
Required tests
-blood group
– OB
– coagulation factors (APTT i INR)
– creatinine
– glucose level
– electrolytes (Na, K)
– urinalysis
– Hepatitis B vaccination
– local
7-14 days
Taking out stitches
4-5 days after the procedure
– coagulation disorders
– unregulated hypertension
– unregulated diabetes
– purulent infection of the skin
and mucous membranes
– pregnancy
– vascular defects