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Laser fotona/CO2

With age, the first signs of passing time appear on our skin: The effect of the laser treatment is rejuvenation of  sun damage skin, smoothing wrinkles and acne scars, improving  skin flaccidity. Laser treatment doesn’t requaire long healing time.

Laser perforates skin with thousands of microscopic columns, leaving around the point of burns a grid made up by i healthy, undamaged skin. Thanks to this, the healing process progresses very fast and safely.

Most patients notice an improvement in skin quality already a few days after the treatment. The new collage needs time to grow whitch is about 2to 4 weeks. Skin reconstruction will be visible 4-5 weeks after the end of the series of 3-5 treatments. However, collagen reconstruction will continue, causing the smoothing and firming of skin for 6-12 more months after the treatment.

During the treatmen patients gets a feeling of unpleasant formication. In that case application of anaesthetic cream at least 0,5-1 hour before the procedure completely eliminates the pain.

Changes in the epidermis and in the collagen contained in the dermis, caused by the treatments, are permanent.. However, sunlight, gravity and the time do their job and no device can stop the passage of time, even though the laser can take it back, in fact many years back.

Redness disappears after 2-5 days, whereas the swelling increases after 2 days and disappears after 3-7 days. Afterwards, the skin gets brownish and exfoliates. After about a 1 week, the skin looks normal

Efekty przed-po

Szczegółowe informacje

Czas trwania
40-60 minut
– blizny
– rozstępy
– wiotka skóra
– utrata jędrności
– utrata elastyczności
– zmarszczki
– przebarwienia
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7-14 dni