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HIFU Lifting and rejuvenation

Ulfitis a devicethatuses the latesttechnology HIFU (High IntensityFocusedUltrasound) whichassumes the focus of the ultrasonicwave with increasedenergy in a small area.

HIFU treatmentallowsyou to achieve the effect of lifting and thickening the skin withouthaving to undergosurgery. Using HIFU technology, orfocusedultrasoundwave, whichselectively heating tissuesleads to their “shrinking”, and micro-damagestimulatescellregeneration and collagenproduction.

Indications for HIFU treatment

  • Face, neck and cleavage lift, around the eyes and lips
  • Contouring the face oval, slimming the line of the mandible
  • Firmingflaccid face and body, e.g. cheeks, arms, abdomen, buttocks, cleavage, thighs
  • Smoothing of shallow and deepwrinkles
  • Slimming and slimming of the body and reduction of circuits
  • Permanent reduction of body fat
  • Reduction of drooping skin on the body includingshoulder skin pelicans
  • Preventing the loss of skin firmness on the face and body
  • Illuminating the skin
  • Reduction of the double crepe

Innovative device heads operate at different depths of tissue (1.5 – 13 mm), which allows the effect of reducing fat cells and firming the skin with one treatment.

During the treatment, the device heads are exemplified directly on the skin. Ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the tissues, stimulate their regeneration, which results in a lifting effect or permanently damage fat cells, which reduces the resistant fat in the treated area.

The treatment is non-invasive, safe and does not require a recovery period – rightafter the procedureyoucan return to dailyactivities.

The advantage is thatt reatments can be performed throughout the year.

The first effects are visible immediately after the treatment. The skin becomes tense and firm. The process of renewal of collagen fibers gradually progresses over a period of 3-6 months, and sometimes even longer.



  • activebacterial and viralinfections
  • autoimmunediseases – some
  • cancers
  • bladderdiseases of the skin
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • epilepsy
  • electronic / metal implants
  • psoriasis in the inflammatoryphaseat the place of surgery
  • period
  • neoplastic and pre-cancerouslesions on the skin
  • discontinuity of the skin at the site of the procedure
  • inflammation of the skin