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Permanent makeup

The aim of permanent make-up is to emphasize the eye frame and correct the shape of the eyebrow. The procedure consists in the intradermal pigmentation using sterile, disposable needles. It lasts on average for 1-3 years after the procedure. Accurate determination of the visual quality of the make-up quality is not possible because many factors affect its durability and intensity, e.g. skin type and type, age, metabolism, lifestyle, post-treatment care, exposure to the sun.

General recommendations before permanent makeup treatment: You should not drink alcohol, preparations containing acetylsalicylic acid (eg aspirin), analgesics and caffeinated beverages (coffee, coca-cola) 24 hours before doing the make-up.

One week before the procedure you should not sunbathe, undergo peeling and ultrasound procedures, do not use antibiotics. Indications before the treatment of eyebrow pigmentation: From 14 to 30 days before the procedure, you should not make adjustments and henna within the eyebrows, it will allow a perfect fit of the shape and color to the natural line of the eyebrows. If the skin is thick, oily, porous, it should be cleaned with the help of peeling or microdermabrasion, thanks to which the skin will even out and will take better pigment (these treatments are performed up to 3 weeks before permanent makeup). In the case of dry skin, care should be taken for proper hydration.

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