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Tattoo removal

Laser removal is very effective in case of most types of tattoos. The tattoo may be removed completely during laser treatment procedures, but this requires many sessions. App. 50% tattoo brightening is observed after each session, unless the tattoo is located in a scar. Depending on the colour being removed, different devices are used during tattoo removal process, but very important is experience of the therapist.

Tattoos. For complete removal of an unwanted tattoo, up to 10 treatment session sought to be performed, at the intervals of 2-3 weeks. The number of sessions to be performed and appearance of the are after the removed tattoo are determined by:

  • Kind of pigment,
  • Tattoo depth,
  • Method of performing the tattoo,
  • Location of the tattoo,
  • Individual characteristics of the patient.

Szczegółowe informacje

15-60 minutes
– tattoo
Convalescence period
2-6 days
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